Shopping Online For Posters of Plumbers to Collect

I'm sure we've all seen the normal posters of celebrities, music artists, WWE Wrestlers, company logos, star athletes, and many more. Have you ever walked into someone's house and seen a poster of a plumber? Probably not.

During 1890 to 1920, the use of posters boomed in the United States. These posters usually presented vibrant colors and were shown at bookshops, on the street, on public transportation, and on newsstands. During this time, posters became a very popular entity to collect.

As time went on and technology improved, it was proven that posters could be printed in larger quantities and in color. At this time posters were very inexpensive. While some posters just depicted everyday life, others were made to get certain points across to society. Others were used during campaigns and pickets. The use of posters most definitely marked the beginning of graphic design.

Though posters were not complicated and perfectly created, they got their points across. Posters during this time also appealed to the American society. They showed every day lives of farmers, urban workers, factory workers, etc. Therefore, a poster showing the job of a plumber would not have been too out of the ordinary. Today, however, a poster of a plumber would be a little odd to see in someone's bathroom.

When you think of a plumber, what do you think of? Plumber's crack, dirty clothes, not a clean person, man with a bunch of tools is what comes to mind when I think of a plumber. When the profession of a plumber first started, plumbers were most definitely thought of how they are portrayed today.

The most famous and probably most popular poster of a plumber is a painting by a man named Norman Rockwell. Rockwell was an American painter who painted during the 20th century. He mainly painted everyday scenes of life during this time period. His paintings also reflected life in the urban areas of the U.S.

During his lifetime, Rockwell painted a scene of two men, both of them are plumbing. The painting is entitled The Plumbers. One of the men is holding all of the tools while the other man is playing with a bottle of perfume and spraying it at the other plumber. The men appear to be in a bathroom.

This poster depicts many things. One, the plumbers don't seem to be the run down, dirty men that many plumbers these days are made out to be. However, the one plumber is spraying the other with a perfume bottle which could indicate that he smells bad. But as you can see, this scene is just the every day life of two men who are working.

But who would want a poster of plumbers on their wall? Because the most popular poster depicting plumbers is vintage, it could be worth money one day. If you search the Internet for posters of plumbers, you will probably come across a few posters, but mainly Rockwell's painting will come up. Rockwell's painting has been printed on anything you can think of, from note cards to plates.

If you'd like to purchase a poster of plumbers, try the Internet and the variety of sources available.. Many websites provide you with posters of plumbers at the cheapest prices you can imagine. Shopping online for posters of plumbers may be a little out of the ordinary, but it might just be the only place to find such posters. It is doubtful that you could walk into a store that sells posters and find a poster of plumbers. Online auctions are another great source to purchase posters of plumbers because many people who have already collected poster of plumbers are selling them for decent money.

Let's say you've never shopped online for a poster of plumbers. Firstly, the bigger the poster you want to buy, the more expensive it will be. For example, a poster that is 14"X13.25 will be much cheaper than a poster that is 26"X24.5. When purchasing posters, it is also important to examine the resolution of the poster, if possible. Posters with higher resolutions have a much better quality than a poster with a low resolution.

Purchasing posters of plumbers may not be the best-known thing to use the Internet for, but everyone has they're own likes. It might be tough to find a poster of plumbers, but it is definitely worth a look. It is best to find posters depicting plumbers that are old rather than new, but it is totally up to you. Happy hunting for a great poster of plumbers to hang on your bathroom wall!


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